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Laura is an intuitive healer and coach utilizing plant medicine, nutrition guidance, reiki, yogic movement and philosophy, astrology and Human Design to inspire her community. Her goal is complete empowerment of every soul to reach their greatest potential in life, love, and success as they define it.

Laura offers individuals and couples Human Design readings and Empowerment Coaching. Laura has a profound understanding of bodily health through her study of Chinese medicine, Natural Hygiene, Ayurveda, herbalism, homeopathy, medical astrology, yoga and reiki. She can help you understand how best to nourish your body and support your organs for optimum vitality. When you engage Laura’s Empowered Soul Coaching, you are inviting physical, spiritual, and mental wholeness into your life.

Many who find Laura are seeking answers to chronic issues and they find her intuitive approach to body, mind and spirit supports a restoration of full body alignment.

Please note for Empowerment Coaching appointments Laura recommends booking a half hour as she is very efficient. She always reserves a whole hour when a half hour is booked and if you need additional time the difference in price between a half hour and hour can be charged and the sessions continued.

What Is Human Design?

Based on astrology, the I-Ching, and Kabbalah, Human Design captures the unique journey of each person through life. You will learn the optimal conditions for your greatest life including when and how to eat, the best ways for you to process mental, emotional, and spiritual stimuli and the environmental conditions that will set you up to thrive. With a reading of your unique Human Design, you’re equipped to love yourself at the deepest level, and will learn to enhance your experience of life.

Human Design Readings are $399 each except when purchased through Lovonya where they are $249 for a limited time. Readings are delivered during a 90 minute zoom call.

For couples, each person must purchase their own Human Design Reading for $249. The couple can then choose whether to receive the results interpreted through each individual in separate 90 minute calls or to receive a combined reading seen through the lens of the couple in one 120 minute call.

Embodied Soul Coaching

Your body is the perfect vessel for your soul’s experience in this realm. With the proper nutrition, herbal support and mind integration practices, you will achieve your soul’s purpose effortlessly. If you would like to perform at a higher level, let Laura help you activate the dynamic healing potential of your body, mind, and spirit.

Embodied Soul Coaching appointments can be delivered by phone or zoom and are purchased by the half hour or hour. As Laura sees you holistically, you may use your time in any manner you choose such as for specific issue health coaching, exploration of diet, supplements and herbs, for understanding current astrology and how it informs life experience or even for a deeper astrological / Human Design dive after an initial Human Design Reading has been completed.

Cost: $225 an hour except on Lovonya where the price is $171 per hour or $150 per half hour except on Lovonya where the price is $99 per half hour. Please note Laura works efficiently and seeks to save you money. If you book a half hour she will always reserve an hour in her schedule so you can purchase the rest of an hour if you need it.

Case studies from Empowered Soul Embodiment Coaching

Frank sought assistance for chronic asthma, debilitating allergies and stubborn belly fat. He had been taking multiple pharmaceutical remedies, used a rescue inhaler many times a day, and peaked at 220 lbs at 5’6″. His energy levels were low, his memory lapses becoming more frequent, and his motivation in life limited. With the help of Laura’s recommended herbal liver detox, Frank’s hope for healing dramatically improved. He learned from Laura how to nourish his body and watched the excess weight melt away. He embarked on an herbal journey which cleared blockages from his kidneys, then strengthened them to alleviate the allergies and asthma. After 10 months with Laura’s guidance, Frank is medication free, weighs 175 lbs, has his black curly hair back, and is excited about his future. He looks 20 years younger and his bright smile reflects his ability to joyously express himself in the world.

Monthly Group Empowered Soul Embodiment Community Gatherings

Laura meets once a month with all who are enrolled in the ongoing Empowered Soul Embodiment Community. Supporting the collective through the evolution process is Laura’s passion, and your ability to organically grow into your fully evolved self will be enhanced by participation in this community. Think of this like the idea of an ongoing and ever strengthening community replacing the idea of a class that transmits knowledge and ends.  Laura wishes to strengthen everyone and her manner of doing so is to gather consistently and teach from the cutting edge information she is constantly downloading from source. We are living in extraordinary times and this is an extraordinary response to supporting everyone to interpret current guidance and make personal changes in real time as a response to the call to evolve. 

Logistics: Meetings are held monthly in Zoom on the 1st Monday of the month at noon Eastern Time. Content is based upon current global events, Laura’s energetic read of the community and your questions.

Cost: $99 for a one year membership.

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