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A sacred commerce cooperative for those who love people and the planet

Lovonya spreads love through every interaction whether it is a purchase of a consciously produced good, a service that enhances your wellbeing, a course intended to share wisdom or simply a life affirming thought that moves from one human to another.

  • They want to do the right thing and its easy to contribute $18 a month to building a sacred commerce cooperative that honors people and the planet
  • Building community together gives us hope about our future
  • Purchasing goods and services that are consciously created to make life better feels good
  • Being part of a marketplace, community and lifestyle based on love feeds their soul. 
  • For the discounts they receive on products and services
  • The service providers offered through Lovonya help them to become the fullest and truest expression of themselves

Hope! At a time when we all need something to believe in, your contribution gives people hope for the future of our people and our world. 

All Members will have free access to:

  • Loving Community! It’s pure joy to feel like you belong and to receive the support of others! 
  • Weekly live interactive zoom calls with our visionary Patrick Durkin who is always looking for opportunities to “love on ya.” 
  • Hundreds of dollars monthly in waived tuition for classes such as those led by Dr. Anne Merkel, Nico Martens, Tara Nieves Green, Zayne Marston & more!
  • Receive access to Susie Beiler’s Prime Creator channellings 
  • Uncensored content 
  • Exclusive pricing on goods and services for Lovonya members
  • The opportunity to apply to sell their goods and services on Lovonya

Monthly group practice meetings with the following practitioners:

  • Breathwork with Tara Nieves Green
  • Energy Medicine with Dr. Anne Merkel, PhD, ND
  • Emotional Healing with Nico Martens
  • Qi Gong with Zayne Marston

Event Spotlight!

Some private Lovonya Member Events are too important to keep private.  We gathered a panel on Thursday, August 24th at 3pm EST that included Dr. Henry Ealy, from the Energetic Health Institute and other experts in Maui to discuss the fires and the importance of these incidents for personal and planetary healing. Watch the replay of the Live Zoom Event and click below to receive the free download of the Garlic & Oxymel Slurry Recipe.  

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