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"What barrier is there that love cannot break?"
- Gandhi

Lovonya is a sacred commerce cooperative. We believe the currency of the future is community and that our lives will depend on those who surround us. We invite you to be part of our community. Together we can redefine the world through love. 
We firmly believe in the importance of every individual being who they are here to be and we seek alignment with those who choose love of all of life including her people and the planet. As an emerging community and lifestyle, we offer the opportunity for donations of whatever type feels meaningful to you. 

Please consider donating any of the following:

Your Focus and Attention

Please join our email list.

We promise to send you the relevant information about how our developing movement is meeting the world. 

Your Social Capital

Share Lovonya with your friends! It takes a lot more than a village to spread new ideas around the world. Every person who participates matters so please invite those who you know. They will thank you for giving them the opportunity to make an impact. 

Your Life Force

Please consider contacting us and sharing a quick note about your skills and resources. What are you great at? What do you love to do that comes naturally to you? Is there a skill you have that might be valuable to a community organizing itself around food, shelter and people to love? Do you know how to produce food? Navigate the rules and regulations that currently govern food? Have a law degree and experience that may be relevant to asserting autonomy? Or maybe just an open heart and a desire to serve. Whatever your skills and passions, we want to know about them and we want to collaborate.

Your Fiat Currency or Crypto Assets

Have you been blessed with financial abundance or at least comfort? We have donation opportunities ranging from as little as $18 a month  or a customized donation that is comfortable for you. Donations fund technology needs, outreach and education initiatives.


Due every month

Pay it Forward

A core principle of Lovonya is Pay it Forward. Have you received abundant blessings in your life?

As we begin reconsidering the systems we have created as a collective, we are realizing that they serve a tiny fraction of us while exploiting the vast majority of humanity. The current paradigm is not sustainable, nor does it serve us as a collective. Reimagining exchange in the context of human history highlights the wide variety of options available to us, from barter to communal production and sharing to gift economy. Based on our research, the highest expression of human abundance lies in the adoption of a gift economy, where the burden to pay forward a gift received is carried by the recipient. 

Imagine an economy where your neighbors are grateful for your acceptance of their gift!

In a gift economy, a recipient is obligated to repay or pay forward the value (to the recipient) of any gift received. This could be the gift of services, food, or shelter. Until the gift is repaid (or paid forward), the burden accumulates on the recipient, thus the paying of the gift relieves the burden and inspires gratitude in the giver!
What gift have you received from others that you need to pay forward? By reconsidering all human exchanges in this context, by seeing the attention of teachers, neighbors, and peers as gifts of love that we ultimately pay forward we create a loving culture. Let’s start this medium of exchange right here in Lovonya, paying it forward to create a world we can all be proud of.