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Lovely Projects

The following are projects Lovonya is currently working on as well as those we intend to work on as time and resources allow.

What is your dream for a Lovely Project? 

We want to funnel all the lovonya love into your projects too. Here’s an example of a lovely dream that can be applied to any community: 

How about you find a piece of land on which we can build greenhouses and Lovonya provides the money to purchase the land and build the greenhouses?

Do you have a dream for an infrastructure project that will provide people access to food, water, or shelter? Would you like Lovonya to pay for your project? Tell us about it and we will work together to make your lovely dream a reality. 

Ongoing Projects

Satyagraha Food Project

Project Progress 1%
Satyagraha is our humane food project conceived in June 2022. The name and the principles of the project are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Satya comes from Sanskrit for truth and graha means force. When combined the meaning is holding firmly to truth.  
“The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.” Gandhi
At Lovonya, we consider it humane to feed the people of the world. Examination of the mathematics of food production reveal the relative simplicity of creating enough food for everyone is a matter of will rather than technology or resources. A very small dedication of will when properly applied will allow local communities to fulfill all of their people’s needs for food. 
We view the world through three basic needs which are the need for food, the need for shelter and the need for people to love. In this project we fulfill the need for food through structures that engage us with other humans that fulfill the need for people to love through collective action. 

Satyagraha Food Project Launch Call

Satyagraha will launch on Thursday June 30th at 3pm eastern time. To receive the invitation to the live call as well as the replay link, please enter your email address here.

Who should be on the Satyagraha Launch Call?

At this time, Lovonya is self funded as our membership and product and services offerings are still very limited. Please consider supporting us financially if you are able to. 

We offer donation opportunities in the form of an $18 monthly membership contributionIf you would like to make a customized donation, please click here.

Structured Water For all

Project Progress 90%

The first Lovely Project, which has already been funded and is in the implementation stage is a collaboration between a health food store in Burnsville, NC and The Wellness Enterprise. An Aqua Energizer Structured Water Device has been provided and it will be installed on the outside of the health food store so that anyone from anywhere can simply turn on the faucet and receive all the living water that they need. Water is a basic human need and this lovely project will make it free for all.