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Susie Beiler


It’s your time to have your own personal Spiritual Doula and Guide.

As someone who has received consistent mentoring from the same person for over 17 years, Susie knows how priceless a relationship with a mentor can be.

Having spent tens of $1000’s on her own spiritual path and mission, she understands how important a deep investment like this truly is. Because she’s been willing to “put it all on the line”, she has rebirthed herself many times over. (Growing up as a Mennonite and evolving into a spiritual teacher is no easy feat!)

She comprehends the transformation process intimately and is adept at personalizing it for your needs. She knows what it takes to come out of the valleys stronger than when you went in. She knows the courage and fortitude required to shine your Light. Susie walks with integrity, teaching you all she knows because she lives it every day and encourages you to do the same.

Susie is seasoned in working with clients and DEEP issues. She has gone where most do not dare to go and not much surprises her in terms of issues clients bring to the table.

She deeply recognizes what it is to be an ultra-sensitive Empath, and her promise is to feel you, see you, and hear you to whatever depths you wish to see yourself.  She is skilled in balancing when to bring the compassion and when to bring the activating fire! She realizes this life can feel hard sometimes and she wants you to know that you are never alone. Susie is well versed in the mind/body/spirit connection, and understands your wiring and constitution as a sensitive human.

Having activated 1000’s of people into the next best version of themselves, it is now Susie’s desire to facilitate deep transformation for willing and committed souls. It would be her greatest honor to hold YOUR hand through your journey.


Channeling/healing session

Do you struggle to connect with your Guides or your Higher self to access clear guidance? Do you wish to know why you are here on this planet, your soul contracts and your soul mission?

  • Discover the meaning for the synchronicities you experience.
  • Learn how to connect to your inner wisdom and guidance.
  • Receive confirmation for what you already know.
  • Ask for greater perspective of what lies beyond the veil.
  • Receive answers to the questions that stir in your heart and soul with a channeling session with Susie!
  • Heal yourself!

Through Susie, Prime Creator will direct you to the information that best serves your path in the moment for your Highest Good.

All sessions are held via video on Zoom. 


Channeling Package in The Creation Temple®

In 2016 Susie launched the Creation Temple, a powerful morphogenic space for people who are serious about their evolution to gather and evolve together. As part of her subscription based Creation Temple Offerings Susie regularly channels Prime Creator. 

These channellings include an energy forecast for the coming month, interpretations of current events, and occasionally bonus episodes. 

Also, access all Prime Creator channeling videos not published on YouTube as well as dozens of additional channeling videos including the “Blue Dragon Transmissions”, The Council for Heaven as Earth messages, the Maneirah Light Being transmissions, and more. 

Access to these events is $9 per month except for Lovonya members who receive access for free as part of their Lovonya membership. 


In October 2021, Susie Beiler led and gifted the Lovonya community with a beautiful Inner Child Healing Meditation. To enjoy the video, watch below.

In August 2022, Susie Beiler created an energetic grid with the Lovonya community. This grid is available to all current members as well as those who join later. Watch the video below and add your intention to the Lovonya grid.