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Crystal Energetics Professional Charles Matthew


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Charles Matthew has spent over four decades exploring the interactions between crystals, people and technology. Along the way he has studied with extraordinary people like Marcel Vogel and Dael Walker and learned that the combination of human focus and intention with crystals can open extraordinary states of health and consciousness. 

In recent years, Charles has dreamed about his desire to share wisdom accumulated over a lifetime to help the next generation to stand upon his shoulders. When Charles encountered Lovonya he finally found the feeling of being home and knowing this is the community of loving souls through which he wishes to share his wisdom. 

Private sessions are available here with Charles along with his Crystalline Energetics Course, that includes 24+ Lessons, and his Master Class on Radical Transformation Pain to Joy with Rare Earth Minerals.

Charles regularly teaches crystalline energetics for Lovonya Members for free one Thursday of the month.  You can learn more about the Lovonya Membership here.


Learn about Charles Matthew

Charles Matthew’s life calling is Personal and Spiritual TRANSFORMATION using Crystalline Energetics

BS Electrical Engineering – UT Arlington – 1972
MBA Marketing – Southern Methodist University – 1978

Corporate Business Experience (25 years)
Various Sales/Marketing/Management Positions – 15 years
Founder, Owner of an electronic systems company – 10 years
ESCD (Electronic Service Center of Dallas)

Training and Certifications
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a Trainer – 1991
NLP Master Practitioner – 1985
Time Line Therapy Master – 1991
Master Hypnotherapist – 1992
Reiki Master (touch healing) – 1985
Huna Master (Ancient Hawaiian Techniques) – 1989
Significant Additional Training
Crystal Healing
Vibrational and Subtle Energetics
Sacred Geometry and Light Language
Sound, Color and Somatic Healing
Additional Crystal and Vibrational Energy Experience
Steward and owner of thousands of crystals/minerals – 1987
Steward and owner of an “ancient” crystal skull (Amantae) – 1997
Many seminars, workshops, and appearances, including television

Bringing the tools of Spirit onto Earth to improve OUR quality of life, NOW.
Immediate Chronic Pain Relief, and coaching to do the same on yourself.
Coaching/Teaching How to Do Crystalline Energetics for others.
Virtual/Internet Coaching, including groups.


Frequently Asked Questions of Charles Matthew
“Bringing the tools of Spirit, onto Earth to improve the quality of life now”

What techniques do you use and teach?
Primarily I work with the energetic (emotional) level of the body. While I am certified in several major healing modalities, I choose to work with a client for their outcome from their belief system and how I am intuitively guided. Therefore, it is unlikely that I do a pure hypnosis, Reiki, NLP or a pure anything session. Though I am certified and trained to teach these techniques, I have stopped certification of others in specific modalities (NLP, Reiki, etc.). I am doing this out of respect for the original teachings.

I have better results with my revisions and/or additions to the original teaching. In sessions, I focus in a very permissive manner on the outcome and the results. I started in 1979 with touch or energy healing. Then in 1985 added crystal healing and linguistics (NLP). In 1992 I added hypnosis. With hypnosis, touching was not permitted and though I was getting good results, I felt something was missing. I added touch again in 1995 and validated that the results are more profound and faster while working with all four levels together (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). I teach about and use the inner light column for healing, inner knowing and empowerment. Using the inner light column is truly healing from the inside
out. I coach releasing energetic blocks, along with resolving the issue.

My objective is to teach others what I do. The techniques I teach are steps or parts of a more complex healing modality. As such, the techniques can be used by themselves or with other healing modalities. Many of these techniques can be used to simply enhance the quality of life in today’s urban environment. I teach about using crystals and minerals, the physical tools of Mother Earth, to enhance the experience and/or sustain the benefits of a technique, especially those related to improving our energetic environment.

I teach about working with the energy flow of the body as related to emotional issues, especially as related to what some call self-sabotage and what I call interfering energies or energetic reversal.

There are many who do energy healing, NLP, hypnosis, etc. and then the question comes up, what do you do and how are you different?

I am very good with each of the healing modalities alone. I mastered each well enough to be certified to teach them. I get results and I guarantee those agreed upon results. Many last resort clients have been referred to me with success. Many of my clients are healers, some of whom are physicians, and they come to me for their own healing and/or the healing of their families.

I am a natural, intuitive energy healer with formal training in vibrational healing and linguistics. My ancestral healing lineage is Eastern European as my grandmother was a healer. I am proficient with Huna, Hawaiian healing. Vibrational energy training includes crystal healing, touch healing (Reiki), and others. Linguistics training includes hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time Line Therapy) and others. Many refer to me as a Shaman, Earth Keeper, Mystic and Presence Healer. All of this gives me a very good background to teach others how to do their own healing.

So, how are you different?

I have the ability to teach others to energetically align the body; the result being that the healing energies of the client and the healing of others can be accepted fully. If a client has energetic reversal (interfering energies, self-sabotage, psychological reversal, etc.), it is difficult for any helpful energies or thoughts to be fully accepted by the client. Many times, the helpful energies or thoughts actually bring about the opposite until the energetic reversal is changed and the body’s energies are aligned. I use code words to identify and activate the emotional issue. Unless the client has a strong insistence to discuss the emotional issue in detail, activation and monitoring is done with code words. Using code words means more privacy, reduced emotional discomfort, access to deeper issues, and better results in less time. I have the ability to teach others to release energetic blocks that are very, very, very strong. These very, very, very strong energetic blocks could involve another energy form, spells, curses, beings from other dimensions, etc., and with persistent issues, these are many times the cause of physical and emotional disorders. Upon release of the energetic block and a conscious understanding (mental level) of the reasons for the energetic block, it has been my experience to observe medically verified growths and malformations significantly improve or disappear. Major emotional disorders are significantly improved, giving the client awareness and choice. Sometimes the major emotional disorders just go away.

I have the ability to teach others to regenerate the energy systems of the body. This regeneration results in having and/or feeling body sensations again, some for the first time in this life. There are some extreme cases where physiological nerve damage has been restored and that part of the body is functional again. I have the ability to teach others to identify the deep core issue. The result being that by clearing and resolving the deep core issue, the initial symptoms of discomfort are gone and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms go away or are improved also. I am a very strong presence healer. Personal and spiritual growth (healing) happen just being in the room with me while my strong healing energy is flowing. Being in the presence of strong healing energy has pluses and minuses. The minus is that unless you are ready and willing to let the healing take place, discomfort may occur because the energetic block becomes more intense. This discomfort occurs because of the increased flow of energy and the effort involved to keep the block intact (stuffing the emotions). This increase in discomfort, because of the energetic block, is much like the increasing stress at a narrowing point in a pipe when the flow of the water is increased. Only with the energetics of the body this increasing flow of energy results in possible pain, the feeling of undesirable emotions, uncontrolled release of emotions, and/or overwhelming fatigue because of all the energy that is being used to stuff the emotions again. All the discomfort goes away when the energetic block is released, and this can happen very quickly, with safety and comfort, provided that you ask for help. My permissive manner and training only allow me to teach you how to heal yourself if you ask for help.

If I can make a crystal change in my hands, surely that same energy can make changes in the human body. Doing the actual energetic change work takes a very short time. Generally, it takes me much, much, much longer to clarify the desired outcome, get permission for a change and then verify that the change is ecological. Ecological meaning that the change is in the client’s highest and best interest and in the highest and best interest of all concerned. Initially, I usually take considerable time to identify, understand and clarify the client’s desired outcome. For ecological and ethical reasons, it is important to me that I get the client’s outcome rather than what I think the client thinks they want. After clarifying the client’s outcome, I isolate the energy block, get permission on all levels for the change, verify the ecology of the change and then do the change work on the energy pattern. With persistent Issues, there may be additional levels or layers, for I only go as deep as the client is able to handle in a safe and comfortable manner.

What do you do in your crystal workshops and seminars? Where have you mostly held your seminars?

I’ll answer this question in two parts, what did I do and what do I want to do. First, let me answer what did I do. For years, I talked about the basics ofcrystal energy and how each of the crystals and stones were different, and I would try to cover as much information as possible and talk very fast. In the past couple of years I have focused on actually experiencing and feeling the effects of first a crystal being clear and then additional techniques being shown. I have the ability to amplify vibrational energy so that others are readily able to feel it (or see it, or taste it, etc.). And sometimes it is very difficult to get someone to feel this invisible field of vibrational energy. It is especially difficult if they are unable to notice the effects of a cup of strong coffee, and yet I am still successful getting them to sense subtle energies in a safe and comfortable manner. Most of my crystal seminars have been held for New Age or metaphysical groups, and they have been promoted mostly within those groups.

Secondly, let me answer what I want to do with crystals. Crystals are for me a way to initiate and sustain personal/spiritual growth and healing. Unless I am able to demonstrate how specific crystals are used and also sell those specific crystals at a workshop, I am passing with doing workshops solely on crystals. I am doing workshops on  energetic healing and crystals are being used to support that energetic healing. I am also doing workshops on spiritual and personal growth topics (what’s keeping you from getting your
outcome, changing your energetic environment, healing for the healer, overcoming the limiting emotions of terrorism, chanting for your prosperity, etc.) and using crystals to demonstrate how to sustain or maintain the change work. I am now choosing to offer and promote these workshops to the general public, rather than just to the metaphysical community. I am especially focused now using Rare Earth Minerals (REM) which are very, very transformative and sustaining of change. REM are used like homeopathics; less is more!

How did you get started collecting crystals?
Back in 1982 I came across a smoky crystal on a vendor’s table that was calling to me. Of course it was the most expensive one on the table, and I liked the feeling it had, so I bought it. A few weeks later I bought some other crystals and then I started reading about how crystals could be used. I started using crystals for personal growth and then became an investor with an Arkansas crystal dealer. In the mid 80’s, I studied with the major crystal and energy healers (Vogel, Walker, Alper, etc.) and participated in the Crystal Congress for three years (1985, 1986, and 1987). In the late 1980s, I purchased the inventory of several crystal stores. Currently I have an energy center, of several tons on my property in East Texas. For years I would only sell the crystals if they were going to be used by someone for energy work. During those years, I had little interest in selling the crystals just for the money. In 2020 and beyond, I prefer to work with energy and crystals in new ways that are beyond the basics. Such as using REM to enhance the innate abilities of other crystals, minerals and such. “Bringing the tools of Spirit onto Earth to improve the quality now”.

What are Rare Earth Minerals (REM) and grids?
REM is my name for a small group of semiprecious minerals that work with energy from our inner light column. When placed on the body they attract energy from this inner light column, and thus truly heal from the inside out. They can also be used with very, very small point clusters (broadcasting quartz clusters) to have the effect of sending mists of energies in the environment, such as love of the heart. REM are self clearing! Some of the REM are zincite, moldavite, morganite, phenacite, rhodonite and Lemurian StarSeed.

Grids are my name for crystals and/or minerals that are placed in a precise pattern with the intent of changing the energetic environment. I use the term gridding to describe the act of placement. Simple grids are used for just a safer, calmer, more peaceful environment. A simple or complex layout may then be energized with intent for advanced effects. For example, the grid may be used to enhance work with light language and/or sacred geometry.

Describe what you do with light language and sacred geometry?

I teach how to experience the effects of sacred geometry using crystals that are placed in a precise pattern and then energized. There are many books describing what sacred geometry is and how it is supposed to work. I spend the workshop time letting there be an experience or feeling of the effects of the sacred geometric patterns created with the grid.

I use light language as a personal tool, and to support the outcome of my workshops and sessions. Light language is the use of platonic solids along with colors, symbols and sound to communicate on levels other than the physical. I have not taught light language yet, as I am still developing and experimenting with it.

Where did you study NLP?
My first Practitioner certification was in 1984 in Dallas. My first Master level certification was in 1985 with Steve and Connie Andreas when submodalities first came out. In 1986, I studied with Richard Bandler and got turned off with all the manipulation that I observed with his use of NLP.

After those 1986 meetings with Bandler, I decided to stop teaching NLP and use NLP only for myself. In 1988 I met Tad James and liked his permissive use of NLP for change work. I obtained additional Practitioner and Master level certification from Tad. In 1991 I got my Trainer’s level certification from Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall.

My business knowledge of NLP comes from Wyatt, who was very successful with NLP in the business and government environments. Over the years I have attended and/or taught over twenty weekend NLP trainings and eight NLP trainings that each lasted two weeks or more.

Where did you study hypnotherapy? How do the results with hypnotherapy differ from working with crystals or NLP?
I use Ericksonian Hypnosis primarily and was originally trained and certified by The American Institute of Hypnotherapy. I worked with Karen Neeves, Ph.D. for three years and learned much about hypnosis from her. I usually use hypnosis in combination with other modalities. I was very effective combining hypnosis with NLP, and became even more effective when I added touching with the releasing and/or aligning of energies.

Describe your Huna training (with whom, when, how long).
Huna for me started in Dallas in 1979 and involved a few weekends and reading a lot. The real work started in 1987. I had been taking small groups over to the Big Island of Hawaii for workshops in personal growth lasting seven days or more. After one of these workshops, I took a trip to the Kona side of the Big Island to visit a crystal shop that I had heard about. Walking inside the crystal shop, I was greeted by the owner, Pila. The sense of knowing was immediate. We both knew our deep past connection and have spent a lot of time together over the years. While Pila does not claim to be a
Kahuna, he certainly has the abilities and knowledge of a Kahuna. He introduced me to many of his teachers on a personal level. My Hawaiian lineage is with Uncle George through Pila. I have made over twelve trips to Hawaii and stayed an average of more than a month each time. Most of my Huna training was informal. The apprenticeship involved a lot of hanging out with someone who I thought I could learn more from, and then waiting until they thought I was ready for the twenty minutes of teaching for the week. There was some formal training with a program put together by Pila and Tad James, and I was involved with Pila and Tad when they were putting this program together. I spent time with Laura Yardley when she was writing her book. Pila was staying at my house in Dallas during 1999 when he was writing his second book. With my Huna training, as with most of my other training, I’ll connect with the most knowledgeable authority I have a deep rapport with, and then I’ll learn all I can from them and who they learned from.

What are your goals in working with people?

This is a multiple question since I am not sure what context you are asking about. The simple answer is to help others get their goals and for them to be happy. And at times the biggest challenge is figuring out what it is that people choosing. For I work very permissively and I ask many questions about what it is that clients truly choose for their highest and best good. I have to suspend my beliefs about what I think others are desiring. If someone comes to me and asks me to heal them, my second question is “How would you be different after you are well?” My first question is “How may I help you?” I am guided to and am personally fulfilled in facilitating the deepest healing or change that is safe and reasonably comfortable for the client. This generally means that I go to the deepest core issue allowed rather than directly addressing the symptom. Sometimes it is imperative to relieve the symptom before the core issue can be uncovered. I am very intuitive and can easily go to the energetic source of the symptom pain and pull it out. In a short time I usually know what the core issue is, and so what. I have validated that it is more important for the client to discover and understand what the causal issue is rather than me telling them and then just doing the change work. Profound and lasting change takes place when the client knows, understands and is willing to change the issue. In an individual session people generally come to relieve some pain or discomfort, or to obtain something that they have been unable to obtain. In a session I am first focused in clarifying their outcome and then taking the steps to facilitate their outcome; and then having them leave in balance with a knowing that their desired change has happened. I believe that we heal ourselves, and what I do is act as a mirror and/or a channel for vibrational energy which results in the release and the alignment of energy so that the client may do the healing and then continue with the healing and/or change on their own. After a client has had the experience of being aligned and balanced, they can make the decision to continue and complete the process.

All of my marketing for individual sessions is by referrals. In summary, my sessions are: the coaching of the client so they do their own healing and perhaps learn to do so with others. “We are all healers, and we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves, and we are all healers.”

In a group or workshop setting, I have the goal of the participants actually experiencing or feeling the energy and/or technique. I prefer a workshop setting for this reason. I can only amplify the energy as high as the most energetically fragile person can tolerate. A whole lot of energy can flow through me. In my early years, I learned quickly that there is very little purpose in others getting sick just to show that I can handle large amounts of energy. My personal challenge was and still is to ecologically increase the energy level in the room only as fast as all in the room are releasing their energy blocks. At the start of a workshop, I generally ask what people are expecting. Then I will select exercises and spend additional time on techniques that are optimal for the outcomes of the majority of the workshop participants. Individual and group issues are addressed and handled in a permissive manner. In summary: I hear and I do not believe. I see and I do not comprehend. I do and I understand.

How can you translate what is usually considered fringe into working well in the corporate environment?

The corporate environment understands results. In many respects it is easier to do energy work in a corporate environment than with a group of healers. In a group of healers there are old beliefs to challenge that include: doing the healing only after they understand the issue, just wanting to be in balance in all areas of their life, justifying their prior learning or investment, healing should be free because it is part of the universe, and in general a lack of knowing specifically what they want. In a corporate setting, the goals or
outcomes are specific and measurable. Working with specific goals is
relatively easy and enjoyable. There are unwritten rules and unwritten codes of conduct that one must understand to be successful in the corporate environment. One of the biggest unwritten rules in the US is that of offending any minority group. With anything new, especially with something invisible such as energy work, it is difficult avoid offending everyone, especially when any aspect of religion, spirituality, politics or medicine may be involved. As with any
setting you develop rapport, explain, demonstrate and persuade. Before even entering the corporate setting there is homework to be done.

What is the mission and supporting outcomes? What are the unwritten rules of conduct? What is the flow of decision-making?

I have been in the corporate environment for over 25 years and have
Electrical Engineering (1972) and Master of Business Administration (1978) degrees from esteemed US universities. I can talk the talk, and I understand how to walk the corporate walk. Depending on the objective, I would adjust my approach accordingly. The manner of presenting, the examples demonstrated, techniques used, etc. are much different in a corporate setting than, say, for a typical metaphysical audience. I am able to obtain observable results with energy healing, and I am able to talk and think like a businessperson. I have done corporate trainings and have chosen not to do
them for several personal reasons: the change techniques taught were used to manipulate employees afterwards, the selling cycle is very long, and I was tired of having to do “circus tricks” while selling in the corporate environment. Nearly all of my success in the corporate environment has come from referrals. I coach the upper levels of business, government, military, MDs (and their families) by referral.

Why should corporate executives work with you and have your programs in their company?

This would depend on their desired outcomes and the program(s) that I am offering. At present I do not have an aggressive approach with corporations. I am working on putting material together and still have much to do. Let me give some more thought to this question and answer it in depth at a later time.

How did you meet AMANTAE, your crystal skull? What does she bring to your work that you did not have before?

In December of 1997, one of my crystal wholesalers called and told me that she had a crystal skull for sale and asked if I would like to buy it. At first I said no and she insisted on just wanting my opinion. We met and I ended up buying this crystal skull for what I thought was my own personal use. Initially, I named this crystal skull Makana Lani Lani, and later named her Amantae. Whenever I have presented Amantae in public, the response has been overwhelming and moving. Some immediately drop to their knees. There are tears of joy, peace, insights and glimpses of times past and future. The energy of Amantae has been described as a feminine Max. Max is the
largest Ancient Crystal Skull and is owned by Ms. Parks out of Houston, Texas. My first experience with Ancient Crystal Skulls goes back to 1985 with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. To your question about Amantae being one of the thirteen Ancient Crystal Skulls, my answer is that I am committed to personal and spiritual growth resulting from the energy or spiritual experience, and I have very little interest in having to scientifically prove or validate the origin of Amantae. Amantae helps me during sessions and at workshops when she is asked. Occasionally, Amantae is featured at a workshop about energetic healing.

What is your definition of health?
I consider a person healthy when they are in balance and can remain in that balance and joy. I speak of balance within and between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A healthy person also has the ability to reject disease and has the energy to accomplish their desired outcomes. I usually ask for and adapt to a client’s view of what being healthy is for them. I may well challenge them on some of their criteria and I do not consider it my place to define what being healthy is for them. I may offer them choices of what different levels of health could be. I am a mirror to coach others how to heal themselves. “We heal ourselves and we are all healers.”

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